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Is Rugby More Dangerous Than Football? Reasons Why You Should Consider It

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Let’s face it; football is a dangerous sport. But is it more dangerous than rugby? Surprisingly, the answer is no. In fact, rugby may even be safer than football.

How Are These Injuries Measured?

Is rugby more dangerous than football? The main factor is that rugby is a collision sport, meaning that players are constantly running into each other at high speeds. This contrast with football, which is more of a tackle sport; while there are certainly collisions in football, the vast majority of tackles are done with the intention of taking the ball carrier down to the ground rather than running into them head-on. As a result, football players tend to use their shoulder and arm pads to make tackles, while rugby players use their entire bodies. This difference in tackling technique leads to different types of injuries; shoulder and collarbone injuries are more common in football, while knee and ankle injuries are more common in rugby. 

Another factor that contributes to rugby’s higher injury rate is its shorter season length. Because the season is shorter, rugby players play more games in a given year than football players do. This means that they have more opportunities for exposure to potential injuries. 

Here’s a look at a few reasons why you should consider playing rugby.

Rugby Players Wear Less Protective Gear 

Rugby Dangerous

One of the main reasons why rugby is considered to be safer than football is because rugby players wear less protective gear. While football players wear helmets, shoulder pads, and other bulky protective gear, rugby players only wear mouthguards and optionally soft headgear. This may seem like a recipe for disaster, but the reality is that less protective gear actually leads to fewer injuries. Studies have shown that players who wear more protective gear are more likely to engage in risky play because they feel invincible. So, if you’re looking for a safer option, rugby is definitely the way to go.

There Are Fewer stoppages in Rugby 

Another reason why rugby is considered to be safer than football is that there are fewer stoppages in Rugby. In football, there are countless stoppages due to huddles, timeouts, penalties, and injuries. This gives players ample opportunity to rest and catch their breath. However, in rugby, there is only one brief break per half, and play resumes quickly after an injury. This lack of stoppages means that players are constantly moving, and there is less opportunity for injuries to occur. 

Rugby Is a Non-Contact Sport 

Contrary to popular belief; rugby is actually a non-contact sport. Yes, players do tackle each other, but the goal is not to hit your opponents as hard as possible. Instead, the goal is to bring your opponents to the ground so that they cannot advance the ball any further. This different tackling technique leads to fewer injuries overall. Football tackles usually involve two or more players colliding with each other at high speeds, which often leads to serious injury. In rugby, players are taught proper tackling techniques in order to minimize the risk of injury.


So, there you have—a few reasons why you should consider playing rugby instead of football. While football may be more popular in the United States, rugby is actually the safer option thanks to its non-contact nature and lack of stoppages. So, if you’re looking for a safe and exciting sport to play, look no further than rugby!

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